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Broughshane Waterfowl & Wildlife Trust
Little Acorn
Riverside Walk
Raceview Mill & Butterfly Walk

Just behind Broughshane's Main Street lies 'Little Acorn Wood' and Riverside Walk. Little Acorn path meanders itself around the side of The villages River Braid.


Along the way you will find families, couples, dog walkers and joggers enjoying the sounds of the flowing river as well as birds singing and splashing in the nearby Wildfowl and Wildlife sanctuary. 

In 2013, the 200 year old Raceview Mill site in Broughshane was saved from demolition and was converted into a centre for Tourism, Shopping, Arts & Crafts and Enterprise.



In June 2016, the Wool Tower at Raceview Mill was launched as Northern Ireland’s newest wedding venue, and with its original features such as its vaulted ceiling, stone tiled floors and exposed brickwork, it is undoubtedly a unique venue for brides.


The Mills stunning Butterfly Walk riverside path also takes you straight into the village of Broughshane and features a Hedgehog habitat.

Broughshane Environment Wildfowl & Wildlife Trust aims are to provide a place of tranquillity and interest for all the residents and visitors to Broughshane.


Their mission is to introduce its visitors to a variety of waterfowl and to show visitors the link between environment, birds and the wildlife as well as encouraging an appreciation of art, culture and local history.


Broughshane's Waterfowl Park is only a short walk from the village's main street.

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The Village of Broughshane can be found at the bottom of Slemish Mountain, home to the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. According to legend, following his capture and being brought to Ireland as a slave, Patrick worked as a shepherd on Slemish Mountain.


Today visitors come and climb Slemish to take in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the marvellous panoramic views of the Braid Valley and Northern Ireland. To learn more click here.  

Picnics in

There's plenty of spots to throw down a rug and open the picnic hamper around the village of Broughshane.


Houstons Mill, Raceview Mill, Little Acorn Wood or Slemish Mountain to name but a few. 


Great quality provision stores and Delicatessens can be found in Raceview Mill and Broughshane village like McNeills Supermarket, Devlin's Fruit Shop, Janes Kitchen, Scoffwell, The Ice Cream Parlour, McGrograns, The Fish Bowl, The Merchant, and the local Spar supermarket will all help you pack your hamper for that special day out in
The Braid Valley.

Golfing in Broughshane

Founded in 1903 and situated only 15 mins walk on the western boundary of Broughshane sits 'Ballymena Golf Club'.


The entire course is dominated by its stunning view of Slemish Mountain which is world renowned due to its association with Ireland's patron saint, Patrick, and offers a superb scenic backdrop to enhance your round. To learn more click here.

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Fishing in

The River Braid rises in the Antrim hills and flows southeasterly for almost 15 miles through the village of Broughshane.  It is a spate river of 9 metre average diameter and good water quality.


There is a large population of small to medium size brown trout with occasional specimens of a pound or more. There are also runs of Dollaghan (the large migratory Lough Neagh trout ) and salmon, particularly in September and October, although they can appear as early as July.


Day licences are available at Broughshane's 'McNeills Hardware Store for £10.  


Broughshane Picnics