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Welcome to Broughshane
Environment Waterfowl and Wildlife Trust

Broughshane Environment Wildfowl & Wildlife Trust aims are to provide a place of tranquillity and interest for all the residents and visitors to Broughshane.

Their mission is to introduce its visitors to a variety of waterfowl and to show visitors the link between environment, birds and the wildlife as well as encouraging an appreciation of art, culture and local history.

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Broughshane Waterfowl Park holds a special place in our hearts and is cherished by our community and visitors alike. Many have enjoyed peaceful walks through the park, marveling at the diverse selection of birds and animals. However, maintaining the park comes with significant costs. Each year, Broughshane Environment Wildfowl and Wildlife Trust spends thousands of pounds on food, maintenance, and enclosure security.

Donations made at our park collection points or through street collections make a real difference. Now, you can also donate online via PayPal. Please give whatever you can; every contribution counts. Your support enables us to continue our vital work in preserving Broughshane Waterfowl Park as a safe haven for our birds and animals.

Broughshane, The Garden Village of Ulster
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