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Motorhome Service Points

Broughshane, The Garden Village of Ulster

The Village of Broughshane has its very own Motorhome Service Point.

Situated by the side of the River Braid, Broughshane's Motorhome Service Point at Houston's Mill offers camping enthusiasts the perfect location to park-up, enjoy the scenery, the park facilities and the villages shops, coffee shops, restaurants and local Inn.

There is an overnight charge of £5 per night per Motor Home. Please supply your vehicle registration number with your payment at the Community Office in Broughshane House during office hours , otherwise register at The Thatch Inn (times detailed below)

Tokens can be purchased from: –

The Thatch Inn - 
11.30am-11.30pm Mon to Sat
Open to 1.00am Saturdays
12.30pm-10.30pm Sunday


The Community Office - 
Broughshane House  
70  Main Street, Broughshane. 
9.30am-5.00pm  Monday-Thursday

9.30am-12.30pm  Friday

Broughshane Motorhome Service Point
Broughshane Motorhome Service Point

TOKENS COST £2 EACH, this provides: -

10 hours of electricity plus free water & toilet/waste disposal facility.

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