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Show Your Support During These Difficult Times

Buy an Anonymous Grocery Voucher Here 

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Many families in Broughshane and across the Braid Valley have one, sometimes two breadwinners on furlough due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. With bills and mortgages still to pay, life can be difficult for many households. 

You Can Help... 

Since Broughshane and District Community Association started their 'Braid Valley Buddy' Scheme which delivers prescriptions and essentials to the areas elderly and vulnerable, we have been inundated with the same question...

What can I do to help at this time of crisis?  

Well... you can help! If you know someone who might be finding it difficult making ends meet, why don't you buy a Broughshane Community Support Grocery Voucher.


Broughshane and District Community Association in conjunction with James McNeills Grocery Supermarket, Broughshane are offering you a way to discreetly help out a family, a colleague or friend who would appreciate a token of your support at this time. 

Heres how it works...



1. You simply go online here and purchase a Broughshane Community Support Grocery Voucher worth £40.00


2. You confidentially register your name and postal address and we will send you by Roral Mail a voucher worth £40.00 which can be redeemed at James McNeill Grocery.


3. All you have to do is add the name and address of the lucky recipient on the envelope containing the Vivo voucher and a compliment slip explaining it's a random act of kindness and post it.


4. In the next few days, the recipient will receive your "act of kindness."     

Buy your voucher here

Please note: For the purpose of complete confidentially, Broughshane and District Community Association will not share the names and addresses of those who have supported and purchased grocery vouchers.  For more information in regards to our strict privacy policy -


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